The “WE consultant team” maintains a direct pipeline to Thailand government agencies to provide services the areas of

Personal legal lssues
marriage (or divorce), car accidents, internationally recognized wills and prebate, to personal situations
The Retirement Visa
how to acquire and maintain
Thailand Tax regulations
for all business and individual situations in Thailand
Work permits
how to acquire and meet current regulations

Litigation And Dispute Resolution

- Conduct a case and Legal proceeding nationwide
- Civil and Criminal Litigation
- General Corporate Litigation
- Labour.Disputes
- Contract Claims
- Debt Enforcement and Collections
- Taxation Case
- Administrative Case
- Business Rehabilitation arid Bankruptcy
- Arbitration claims and Defense
- Family - Succession Case

Business Consutants

- General Corporate counseling
- Translation & Notary Services
- Board of Investment -Privileges (BOI)
- Will and Gift
- Legal Due Diligence
- Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

Accounting And Auditing

- Special Audits and Investigations
- Tax and Accounting Services
- Preparation of Company Accounting
- Balance Sheets

Legal Services And Consultants
- International Trade Law
- Maritime Law
- Marine Insurance Law
- Civil Law and Criminal Law
- Bankruptcy law
- Taxation Law
- Labour Law and Employment
- Intellectual Property Law
- Administrative Law
- Corporate Law
- Others Special Law

Business Formations and Contracts
- Preparation ,Draft ,Review ,Revise and
- Consultation on Contracts of all types
- Trade SecretsProtection and Compliance
- Confidentiality agreements and related issue
- Company Registration
- Foreign Business Registrations
- Treaty Registrations and Others
- Work Permit Registration for Foreign Workers
- Visa and Long-term residency in Thailand
- Residence and Retirement Visa
- Trademark Registrations
- Licensing, Copyright, Patent
- Execution of Judgement
- Registration of Mortgage
- Will and Gift
- Government Filing and Processes
- Registration of rights Juristic Acts Related to
all types of Real Estate and Property

Our legal team has a record of success in governmental, business and education, both secondary and university. Each case is provided service and a direct contact with the appropriate member of the legal team! The “WE consultant team” can provide support for the individual or the largest business enterprises in Thailand.

For detailed areas of expertise and review of our client base, please refer to our website or contact the “WE consultant team” for a free and private consultation.